Maximum nature with maximum comfort

“Whoever wants everything done for him without any effort on his side….
With the highest level and quality and the most caring people – a desert experience like no other. It was lovely, unique, something to remember :)”

At a secret location in the Negev friendly desert we will construct, for you, a one of a kind hosting complex in the heart of nature. Here you will be able to enjoy what we call “Desert Time” and mainly being in intimacy with yourself and with nature. We offer you all the great qualities of the desert- peace, quiet, soothing landscape, the stars at night and the sand during the day – in the easiest most comfortable way for you.

Hosting includes sleeping in elegant “Glamping” tents that will be made just for you in order to fully experience the desert and nature, we will make sure your encounter with them will be pleasant, comfortable and highly rememberable.

The tent, is made out of thick high quality canvas, inside you will find comfortable mattresses, a warm blanket and cotton beddings, soothing gentle light, an ethnic carpet and more carefully chosen design accessories.


It seems like there is no safer place to be than in the desert – With privacy, in the open air and without any crowds. We have made adjustments for our hosting to be as safe as can be. more privacy for you, no gathering and thorough sanitizing where needed.

Wintertime in the desert

Keeping it warm in winter times:
In order to further accommodate you pleasantly and warmly even in the winter months, we equip the tents with a heating kit that includes an electric fireplace, cozy blankets and hot bottles for self-service. All of these together with our duvets blankets and outdoor bonfire will provide a worm and comfy solution for the colder nights.

*In order to heat the tents we need to run a generator. The generator we use is quiet and only will be on during the night time until morning.

Summertime in the desert

Hosting in the desert summertime will be done In the afternoon and evening. Our desert nights tend to get cool and pleasant so you can enjoy a good night sleep even without AC. It is the perfect time to sit around the bonfire, gaze at the stars or to witness wildlife activity on a tour. in the morning we would recommend you to travel in shaded or air conditioned places. We would love to take you with our merged jeeps to an ancient water hole that has an underground pool which you can Swim in, passing most of your day cool and shaded and still experience full on desert time.

Desert meals

Desert dinner – Slow-cooking stew in Poyke pots over the desert fire. On the menu: beef stew in wine, chicken stew in coconut and curry and a vegetarian stew. White rice will be served separately, as well as pasta in tomato sauce for children.
Salads: (change from time to time) Tabule salad, spicy tomatoes, Asian cabbage.
Desert breakfast – Fresh breads / baguettes, boiled eggs, vegetables, olives, cheeses: Feta, yellow cheese,Labane and butter, tahini, tapenade, pesto, jam, Nutella, cereals and milk.
* Meals will be served buffet style in the main complex.
* There may be changes and adjustments to meals depending on the quantities of orders and guests.
** It is possible to purchase a boutique wine from Ramat Negev Winery by prior arrangement.

What else will be waiting for you?

Water – we will take care of all water necessities.

Electricity – a solar energy system will provide energy for gentle light, charging and other needs.

Toilet – ecological well made, clean and pleasant toilet cells.

Showers – we will provide special showers with hot water flowing down your back and the stars above. that’s an amazing feeling!


Prices for accommodation in glamping tents

*Any tiny person under the age of 3 is free of charge 🙂

*On holidays a minimum of 2 nights for booking.


* For special events or productions- we would like to make it right for you, changes can be done. Exclusivity, sheff meals, helicopter tours, alcohol bar, you name it!

Contact us for more info.

Activities you can add

*special prices only for our guests

Sandboarding: 50 ILS per person.

Stargazing with a telescope: 80 ILS per person with a minimum order of 10 participants.

Desert night safari (walking): 60 ILS per person with a minimum order of 10 participants.

Half day jeep tour: 1250 ILS

Guided walking tour “Sovev Nitzana”. The tour lasts about half a day and we will visit the main sites in the area: Hamukey Nitzana , Nitzana Cave, Tel Nitzana, Be’erotayim and more. Price per group 1200 NIS.

Ordering and cancellation

* For private customers an order will be placed with pre payment of 20% of the hosting price.
* For business customers: contractual obligation and pre payment of 30% of the hosting price.

Paying is possible via bank transfer, credit or cash.

Cancellation policy: Up to 14 days before the date: No additional payment beyond the pre-payment. After 14 days the customer will be charged 50% of the accommodation price. Three days before: 80%.

In case the accommodation date is changed or postponed due to constraints (force majeure / Covid / security situation, etc.) – the amount of the advance will be available to the client for 4 months from the original accommodation date.

It is possible that there will be other guests or participants in the activities. We keep everything well balanced, private and intimate.

When to arrive?
Summertime from 17:00.
Winter time from 15:00.

When to leave?
Until 11:00. If it is possible to stay longer and if you’ll want we will make an effort to let you stay.

More info

* We have several locations in which we set up our glamping area especially for you. The choice of locations will be made considering your privacy, accessibility and optimal desert time.

* Dogs: In the middle of the week only and with specific coordination, we are happy to allow you to stay with your dog. Talk to us to check the conditions for coming with the dog to us.

* Music- we request not to play music from portable speakers because of nature and humans around. It is important for us to keep a good and pleasant atmosphere.

* In our region there is a lot to do, we will gladly provide recommendations, for example we recommend Jeep tours to many amazing secret spots only we know about (;