Maximum nature with

maximum comfort

Whoever wants everything done for him without any effort on his side….
With the highest level and quality and the most caring people – a desert experience like no other. It was lovely, unique, something to remember :)”


In the heart of the most beautiful dunes in the desert – near to Moshav Be’er Milka – we have established an outdoor accommodation complex for you in the most meticulous glamping style.

Here you will be able to disconnect completely from your demanding daily routine and enjoy rare “Desert Time” and, especially, enjoy absolute and intimate time for yourself, your friends and be at one with nature.

We offer you all the best qualities of the desert – silence, peace, vast landscapes, stars at night and open vistas during the day – all of this in the easiest and most convenient way for you.

These will create a perfect setting for you, for any gathering or event, or simply because you want to get away from your daily stress and breathe some “Desert Time”.

Our complex:

Our complex has been set up as a “wild-in-the-field”. Outside the tents you will be able to enjoy the full majesty of the desert and the sand dunes in all their glory, giving you the opportunity to once again feel excited and enthusiastic about the simple and truly important things in life. Sitting around the campfire, watching the stars at night, or marveling at the amazing panorama as the sun sinks over the horizon. It combines simplicity and comfort to the maximal level, and we will take care of everything you could possibly need, so that your encounter with the desert will be pleasant, delicious, comfortable and an absolutely delightful experience.

Our tents:

Our tents are large, comfortable and spacious – they have been meticulously and individually designed, taking into account many years of experience in ‘glamping’ management. The tents are suitable in size for families and each tent can easily accommodate families or groups of up to 8 guests. The tents are equipped with modern and powerful air conditioners; heaters for pleasant and intimate heating during the winter; 2 bunks which can be connected as a double bed; comfortable and high-quality mattresses; carpets; a set of natural ecological soaps for your use; objects with desert design, as well as gentle lighting to add a pleasant rustic atmosphere. In addition, the accommodation with us includes two fine meals – dinner and breakfast. You will be free to enjoy the desert without having to bother with meal preparation.

How are we different from other glamping sites?

Meals: our accommodation includes 2 excellent meals. Today it is rare to find a glamping accommodation that provides half-board.

Dunes – our glamping site is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful dunes in Israel! Here you can let the children run free without any concern and the adults can clear their heads without stress and pressure. You won’t find dune glamping anywhere else.

Respect for nature – our glamping site allows you to be in nature as much as possible. There are no fences or peripheral lighting, no synthetic grass pathways and no barbecues… you will simply find the desert in all its glory!

Personal and caring service: it is important to us that your experience will be a successful one! We are a family business that is happy to host you in the desert. We will do everything we can to make your experience the very best it can be – we are here and for you, and you are what is important to us.

Our hospitality:

The hospitality at our site includes accommodation in our stylish glamping tents, two excellent meals – evening and morning. All you have to do is simply come with only your personal items, relax in the wonderful landscape, enjoy the peace and not worry about anything. We will make sure that everything is comfortable, pleasant and tasty.



Price per night in a tent, per couple: NIS 1800

Each additional person in the tent: NIS 400 (from age 3)

“Light Glamping” – everything is the same, only you bring your own linens and bedding with you.

Tent for a couple: NIS 1500

Each additional person in the tent: NIS 350


For those of you who want to set up a tent you brought from home and enjoy our premises and meals:

To set up the tent – NIS 250 + NIS 300 per guest

When do you come?

During the summer months (daylight savings clock) starting from 16:30 (four thirty p.m.)

Winter time from 15:00 (three p.m.)

When do you leave?

By 11:00 a.m.

Is there a coffee corner?

Arabic coffee and sweet desert tea are always to be found on the campfire.

After dinner and at breakfast there is also a regular coffee and tea corner.

How cold is it in winter?

In winter the days in the Be’er Milka region are very pleasant.

At night there is everything you need so that you don’t get cold – powerful air conditioners in the tents, down comforters (subject to order in advance).

There are snuggle blankets and, for those who wish, even hot-water bottles. In short – you won’t be cold.

Is there a pool?

For reasons of safety, we do not have a pool.

In the hot weather you can spend time during the day in the swimming pool in the nearest moshav.

Is it permitted to bring barbecues and do a cook-out?

Unfortunately no! We serve meals as part of the hospitality experience and there is no need for barbecues.


There is Wi-Fi in the area of the central complex.

Where is Beer Milka?

Be’er Milka is the youngest moshav in Israel and is located in Pethat Nitsana – about 45 minutes’ from Be’er Sheva.

Is it safe?

Our complex is located in one of the calmest and safest areas in the Negev and thankfully there have been no cases of violence or theft in the region.

How long is the drive to the site from the center of the country?

The drive to us is one of the easiest – there are no traffic lights and almost no traffic. The journey takes about two hours from the center of the country.

Is there somewhere to purchase things you might need?

5 minutes’ drive from the complex there is a convenience store, near the Ketsi’ot junction. The store is open 24/7.

What is there to do in the area?

What happens when it rains?

Our tents and central accommodation complexes are completely waterproof and there is no problem about staying with us when it rains.

On the contrary, rain in the desert is an extraordinary experience that we highly recommend (there is no risk of flooding here) – as a rule the rains are usually short and last only a few minutes.

If more extreme weather is forecast we will recommend postponing the accommodation ahead of time.