Desert Activities

Animal night safari

Away in the desert sand, peaceful and uninterrupted, there is a living zoo. Nature’s safari that is waiting just for you. Here you can observe the wild desert animals without fences, in their own environment, wild, natural and free. The western Negev sand offers a rich habitat for special adapted plants and animals to flourish. Here you can see different climates and soils that have led many unique species to develop, making the harsh conditions their comfortable home. Hunting or searching for food and mates in their own special way. Foxes, hedgehogs, desert hamsters, mice and lizards, snakes, scorpions, all waiting in the sand for us to find them in an unforgettable night safari tour.
Price per person – 70 ILS
Minimum order- 15 people


Desert night.
A light breeze is sneaking under the shirt and tickles you in delight. In the distance the mountains meet the star glowing skies. Stars that were forgotten and disappeared with the city’s light.
Here in the Friendly Negev Desert we have an opportunity to travel back in time and go to where it all began 14 billion years ago… The universe, the stars, the planets, the earth we stand on and the very air we breath…

With a special telescope we will venture into the sky, close by in the solar system and deep in space light years away. We’ll get to know the sky map, the Zodiac mythology and more. Scorpius, Dragon, Swan, all a part of the constellations that we will see in the darkness offered by the desert night sky.
Join us for our tour to the edge of the universe.
Price per person – 80 ILS
Minimum order- 15 people


Sandboarding is a terrific sport that combines surfing and desert fun. With our specially converted boards you will be able to enjoy being active, climbing, surfing and falling on the giant dunes and the soft sand.
Price per person – 70 ILS
Minimum order- 15 people


Desert summer evening

The cool and pleasant weather at the evenings in the desert is ideal and suitable for activities for all ages – children, youth, families, adults … for everyone!
Combine all the qualities of the desert into one unforgettable experience!
Sandboarding and a night tour following desert animals and laser observation of the stars.
Price per participant: 120 NIS per participant
And if you want, you can also combine an excellent dinner of Poyke stews cooked on the bonfire..
Special price for Sandboarding, night tour and desert dinner: 240 NIS per participant
Extra for adding telescope: 40 NIS per participant
Minimum order: 15 participants.

* Night safari is only possible between April and November

A jeep tour to Sinai desert views

Our recommended and most attractive tour is a jeep ride along the Sinai desert Biblical view and to the Sabcha water hole – an ancient 2000 year old water hole dug by the Nabatian people. It holds water all year round and offers you refreshing cold water in the middle of the desert. Climbing down with a ladder, swimming, drinking fresh coffee in the unbelievable desert view…
That’s living!

On our way to the water hole we will go through archaeological sites, climb on to vantage points of the Sinai timeless desert, valleys, mountains, open landscapes and the special story of the Israeli – Egyptian border.

Tour duration- about 3.5 hours (it is possible to arrange longer or personalized tours by order).

Tour price – 1250 ILS per jeep sitting up to 5 people.

* There is an option to go on a full day jeep tour and reach more fascinating sites: ancient rock drawings, geological “Nitzana Hillocks” (it looks like the face of the moon!) and much more.
Price per jeep 1800 ILS.

* There is an option to go on a short tour (about two hours).
Price per jeep 1000 ILS.